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The Delek Fund for Hope was established to support charities in the communities where our employees and customers live and work. These communities include those served by each of our business interests. Employees can take part in these philanthropic efforts by supporting the Employee Giving Program through payroll deduction and/or the Matching Gifts Program.  Donations made through these programs stay local and are directed to public 501(c)3 charitable organizations in our employee’s own communities. Local Delek Fund for Hope committees review grants requests for these funds before passing along for final approval and processing.

Another resource available to employees is the Delek Employee Care FundWhen one of our own is facing a tough financial situation, this Fund may be able to ease the burden. Please click here for more information.

Click here to learn more about Delek’s Community Engagement efforts.



Q. How much has the Fund given to charities?
A. Since 2008 the Fund for Hope has donated over $15 million.


Q. Where does the money come from?
A. Money comes from several sources including:

  • Corporate donations from Delek US Holdings;
  • Special events like the Tournaments for Hope held in Nashville, Tyler, and El Dorado;
  • Donations from employees by payroll deduction or individual gifts

Q. How much of my donation actually reaches charities in my area?
A. While there are expenses associated with managing the Fund, 100% of employee donations are awarded as grants to charities in your area in a timely manner.

Q. Do charities in our area get any other money from the Delek Fund for Hope?
A. Yes! While the exact structure of our  charity involvement changes from year to year, the Delek Tournament for Hope provide a huge financial impact to charities in areas where Delek US has business interests. Each local committee and the Delek Fund for Hope staff will be the best resource for details.

The Delek Fund for Hope may also assist financially in times such as natural disasters or emergency crisis.

Q. Who manages the Delek Fund for Hope?
A. The Delek Fund for Hope is a component Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee; a 501(c)3 nonprofit located in Nashville, Tennessee. The Community Foundation (CFMT) is responsible for grant making and recognition of donor gifts as well as all administrative requirements including the legal structure, the investment processes and Internal Revenue filings. The Community Foundation ensures all activities related to the Delek Fund for Hope are handled in a legal and professional manner.

In addition to the administrative management of the Fund, The Community Foundation manages all aspects of events and activities as related to the Fund for Hope efforts.  This includes sponsorship package development, tangible benefit calculation, website maintenance, collateral development, payment of all expenses including payroll and credit card fees, liability insurance coverage where applicable and all contractual liabilities. Delek is proud to have such an organization as its partner in philanthropy.


Thomas Buford / Director of Strategic Partnerships  /
Jeff Hoffman / Program Manager /
Jennifer Abrahamson / Communications Manager  /
Kristen Worsham / Events & Community Engagement Manager /



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