Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the Delek Fund for Hope?
A. The Delek Fund for Hope was established by Delek US Holdings in 2008 as a way to maximize their support for charities within the communities where their employees live and work.

Q. Who manages the Delek Fund for Hope?
A. The Fund is a donor-advised fund held by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee in Nashville. Several full-time CFMT staff work solely with the Delek Fund for Hope under the guidance and direction of Delek executives. Local committees comprised of Delek employees in Brentwood, Tyler, El Dorado, Big Spring, and Krotz Springs assist the CFMT staff and manage Fund activities in their communities.

Q. Where does the money come from?
A. Money comes from several sources including:

  • Corporate donations from Delek US Holdings;
  • Special events like the Tournaments for Hope held in Nashville, Tyler, and El Dorado;
  • Donations from employees by payroll deduction or individual gifts

Q. If I donate through payroll deduction, how do I know where my money goes?
A. All money donated by employees through payroll deduction or individual gifts stay in your community! Local committees manage grant requests from 501(c)3 charitable organizations to determine funding. After executive approval, grants are disbursed from the Community Foundation.

Q. How much of my donation actually reaches charities in my area?
A. While there are expenses associated with managing the Fund, 100% of employee donations are awarded as grants to charities in your area in a timely manner.

Q. Do charities in our area get any other money from the Delek Fund for Hope?
A. Charities in your area who participate in the Tournament for Hope receive grants based on their level of participation. Charities in your area may occasionally receive other grants from the Fund outside of employee giving. The Delek Fund for Hope also assists financially in times of crisis.

Q. How much has the Fund given to charities?
A. Since 2008 the Fund for Hope has donated nearly $11 million.

Q. What is the Delek Employee Care Fund and how is it funded?
A. The Delek Employee Care Fund was created in 2011 to help employees who are experiencing economic hardship and are unable to afford basic living expenses due to a natural disaster, life-threatening illness or injury, death, or catastrophic circumstances beyond the employee’s control.

Funds for the Delek Employee Care Fund come from Delek Corporate Donations to the Fund and/or fund balance.

Applications forms are available here and are handled directly through the Community Foundation staff. All applications and payments are strictly confidential.

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