Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities for Delek US Employees


Delek Day of Caring

Our goal is to provide the communities where we live and work with more than 50,000 hours of volunteer time. By doing so, we can impact our local communities across the country.

You can make a difference! If each Delek employee will commit to one day of community service, then we will easily reach our goal of 50,000 volunteer hours. The impact is the equivalent of over $1,200,000. Imagine the difference we will make as a team!


Individual Service

Your personal volunteer hours can also be counted toward our goal of 50,000 volunteer hours. You may include time you volunteer for any civic or charity organizations. All you must do is follow this link to register: Individual Volunteer Hours

We will collect this information and add it to the total hours volunteered. You may also want to encourage others to join you.


Office Staff and Administrators Service

Each department may schedule its own unique opportunity from either the charitable contacts provided or one that your group selects. The volunteer work can be serving the needy, cleaning our environment or building a better community. The Day of Caring for each department is provided by Delek as a group outing that will not only serve as a team building event but also provide great community service. Your group will be supplied lunch, regular compensation and the satisfaction of knowing that you served those in need. Your supervisor will provide us the date and event, so we can track the time. Remember, please take pictures and share your stories with us. To register please follow this link: Office Staff & Administrators Service


Refinery Operations and Retail Stores

Due to the unique nature of your scheduling we have created an option that we hope will encourage you to participate in community service too.

Delek would like you to assemble other Delek employees with charitable interests like yours and form a project team. Simply complete the online registration form at: Small Group Volunteer Events.

Include your project team members names (min 5), the day and charity (must be a 501c3) you plan to work for, work a minimum of 4 hours each and we will grant $500 to the charity once per year. The Day of Caring is provided by the Delek Fund for Hope and is intended to enrich the communities where we live and work. Our hope is that this group outing will not only serve as a team building event but also provide great community service. Remember, please take pictures and share your stories with us.


General Volunteer Guidelines

We do have some minor limitations as to what counts as volunteer work.


The following activities are excluded:

  • Political engagement
  • Religious activities unless they are for the greater community (i.e. feeding the homeless, providing shelter, etc.)
  • Any activity that provides compensation
  • Any organization that would be considered a conflict of business interest
  • Any activity that Delek determines does not align with the Company’s overall business objectives

The following activities are encouraged:

  • Coaching civic youth sports
  • Picking up litter on creeks, roads or walkways
  • Participating in charity walks, runs, etc.
  • Serving on charity boards
  • Serving on committees for charities
  • Donating blood for charities like the Red Cross
  • Providing research or administrative work for charities
  • Working phones for a charity drive
  • Delivering meals or clothing for charities
  • Any activity that is thoughtful, creative and has a positive impact on the community

May 7-9, 2019

September 24-26, 2019

November 19-21, 2019