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The Delek Fund for Hope is a component Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee (CFMT). The Fund was established by Delek to support charitable works in the communities in which its employees work and live. An organization must be classified as a public 501c3 organizations by the IRS to receive a grant from the Delek Fund for Hope.


An organization wishing to receiving funding should fill out the form below and submit it online or to a member of their local Delek Fund for Hope Committee which is made up of local Delek employees from a variety of departments. If an organization has a relationship with a Delek executive, they may request funding through that relationship. The committee will review the request, and if approved, the request will be sent to The Community Foundation for further consideration. If all is in order, the request becomes a grant and the funds will be issued as a check to the organization. No checks will be issued to individuals, only organizations. All donations are for the purpose of charity only and no benefit is to be received by Delek or The Community Foundation for the donation. While Delek recommends grants, the payment must be approved by CFMT before any funds are issued. All requests are considered, however fiscal limitations may determine if the request becomes a grant. Thank you for your interest in the Delek Fund for Hope.

Due to the high number of applications we receive, it is not always possible to reply to each and every deserving application for funding. If your grant request is approved, you will be notified about the details. Thank you for understanding.

Download a paper GRANT FORM here.

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Once a grant is approved by the local committee, it will take approximately 3-4 weeks for an organization to receive the grant award.

May 7-9, 2019

September 24-26, 2019

November 19-21, 2019