The Delek Fund for Hope strives to develop and maintain partnerships with nonprofits in the communities where Delek does business. They do this in several ways:

  • Awarding grants to local 501(c)3 nonprofits throughout the year
  • Encouraging Delek employees to volunteer their time through Delek‚Äôs Day of Caring
  • Offering a Matching Grants program for employees who want to double their charitable donations
  • A Walk, Bike, Run program where Delek donates funds to physically engaging charitable events
  • An Executive Leadership program which encourages participation on nonprofit boards

The Fund for Hope encourages nonprofits to reach out with volunteer opportunities that Delek employees can take part in. Grantees are also encouraged to report back with data to demonstrate how funds are being used. The hope is that these nonprofit partnerships can be collaborative, impactful and last for years to come!

The Delek Fund for Hope supports public 501(c)3 organizations year round.