Did you know Delek would donate up to $100 every time you participate in any nonprofit athletic activity such as a running, walking, or biking event? Just document your participation and Delek will match the money you raised or spent on entry fees. It’s that simple.

Give us the name of the nonprofit (must be an IRS qualified, public 501(c)(3) nonprofit), contact information, and how much you raised or spent on entry fees. In order to be eligible to participate, we do ask that you be enrolled in the payroll deduction program as well.

Once the form is filled out and we have verified that you are enrolled in payroll deduction, we will send the nonprofit a matching contribution of up to $100!

This is all part of Delek’s goals to find new ways to support our local communities and promote employee wellness.

Fill out the form to qualify for the match: WALK, BIKE, RUN FORM