Delek employees have the opportunity to submit a contribution to The Delek Fund for Hope with a recommendation that the funds be distributed to a specified nonprofit (i.e., 501(c)(3)) and Delek will apply matching funds to increase the amount of support to the specified nonprofit.

Because the funds available to provide matching grants are limited, the Delek Fund for Hope determines the exact amount of matching grants once a year. Participants must be enrolled in the Delek Fund for Hope payroll deduction plan to qualify for this benefit.



  • You may make a contribution to the Delek Fund for Hope directing it to a specific nonprofit.
  • Your recommended nonprofit must have a nonprofit tax identification number (TIN) or other IRS recognized equivalent identification and be registered with GuideStar to verify they are a public 501(c)(3) located in the United States or one of its territorial possessions.
  • The matching amount is added to your recommended grant and submitted to the nonprofit. These payments are processed quarterly.
  • Payments that cannot be applied because the nonprofit is not registered as a 501(c)(3) will be applied to the Delek Fund for Hope Employee Assistance Program.
  • The minimum donation acceptable for this program is $100 per nonprofit per person per year.
  • The maximum matching grant level is $1,000 per person per year.
  • Your contribution is tax deductible however the matching funds are not tax deductible.
  • The payment to the nonprofit will be made by The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.
  • Donations that may create a conflict of interest for Delek, The Community Foundation or the Delek Fund for Hope are not eligible for this program.
  • Donations to faith-based/religious organizations are eligible only if 1) the donation is given to a specific program that is non-denominational in nature, 2) the donation benefits the broader community (e.g. homeless shelter, feeding needy, etc.) and 3) the organization otherwise meets the eligibility requirements (including without limitation, having obtained 501(c)(3) status).
  • Private foundations, corporations, and for-profit organizations are not eligible.
  • Organizations engaged in lobbying and organizations furthering political aims or concerns are ineligible.
  • Your participation in the Delek Employee Fund for Hope program is required for eligibility.

The Community Foundation will make every effort to deliver your donation and the corresponding matching grant to the recipient organization you designate. Occasionally, however, funds cannot be delivered to a recipient organization. This can occur for a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Checks were sent to a recipient organization, but never cashed.
  • The organization ceased operations or lost it tax-exempt status.
  • The recipient organization indicates that it cannot comply with the matching grant program.

Should this occur we will contact you to enable you the opportunity to select another organization to receive your contribution.

You are responsible for ensuring the recommendation of your gift is clear. Any payments that do not clearly identify a recommended charitable organization will remain in the Delek Fund for Hope Employee Assistance Program. Should this occur your gift will still be tax deductible through The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

Guideline responsibility

Delek establishes guidelines in compliance with The Community Foundation adherence to IRS donor advised funds rules and regulations. The program guidelines for the Delek Fund for Hope Matching Grants Program are subject to change.