Involvement with nonprofits strengthens Delek executives’ leadership skills and in return helps Delek build a better culture and community. That’s why Delek launched Project Extended Leadership in January 2019. The program is designed to support Delek executives (director or above) in taking on leadership roles with nonprofit organizations by encouraging them to sit on the board of a nonprofit whose cause is meaningful to them. Through the program, these organizations are given financial support needed to secure the executive’s role as a member of their board of directors.

By being on a nonprofit board, executives can pick up new skills and ideas that can be applied to their professional lives. Board service involves decision making, facilitating group process, governance, financial management, strategic problem-solving, marketing and branding—all skills that are beneficial to them in their role with Delek. Nonprofit board members also gain expertise on salient issues such as community development, education, housing, health, and the environment, knowledge that can be used to sharpen their business acumen. In turn, Delek executives are able to provide nonprofits with skills such as financial knowledge, goal setting, drive, planning, accountability, reporting results and human resources. Our hope is that the relationship between Delek executives and our local nonprofits is one that is long-lasting and impactful.

If you are a Delek executive (director or above) and not currently serving on the board of a nonprofit, please contact Tony McLarty in Delek’s Community Relations Department at (615) 224-1143. If you have not yet enrolled in payroll deduction, we encourage you to do so.

We appreciate the personal commitment our executives pledge to enriching the communities in which we live and work!